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Sat, Apr. 9th, 2011, 04:07 pm
liketheroad: Fanfic: we tend to bruise easily

title we tend to bruise easily
pairing(s): Cesare/Lucrezia, Cesare/Juan
summary: Juan is not Cesare's first love, but he is still his love.
word count: 2554
notes: reading this will likely require a willingness to engage in a healthy dose of historical-accuracy handwaving and possibly also suspension of disbelief. In that I am firmly committed to the belief that Juan just has a lot of angst and really Cesare loves him a lot, but that might not be your interpretation so watch out for that. Um, also watch out for... possibly disturbing themes? Potentially disturbing but consensual! Ahem.

You are correct in thinking that you are not my heart’s only, or truest, love. But you are mistaken if you believe that makes you any less mine. You are my brother, and my love, by blood and by my choosing